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Posted in Toddlers on 30th November 2010

Ah, waiting tables, another example?
forgot about this – in my years of waiting tables, it became obvious that female customers ask for more and tip less
they also ask for stupid things:
at a french restaurant – “do you have salsa?” “why not?!”
at a regular-american food type bar/restaurant – “i want all these crazy vegies!” sorry, we don’t have those . . . “hmphf, now i’m going to go on and on about it b/c i want them” ok, we still don’t have those . . . “I WANT TO TALK TO YOUR MANAGER!” so he did, and he told her we don’t have those. at least that whack woman tipped
at a gay bar/restaurant – “will you sing happy birthday to my toddler?” she didn’t tip me AT ALL, b/c a bar in the middle of the castro didn’t cater to her desire for a chuck-e-cheese experience.
– oh, that further reminds me, super femmy gay men try to be as bitchy as women. but they fail

and being hit on by 50-60 yr old women who think they’re sexy, then don’t tip. i bet the ‘creepy’ men who hit on waitresses at least tip

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Answer by Minnie Me
It was that kind of day ey? You should take a long hot shower, drink some hot chocolate with extra whipped cream on it and watch your favorite movie. All should be well afterwards =).

Answer by Bobsyl
Ok, but you didn’t ask a question. It was just a rant.

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