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Posted in Child Care on 28th November 2010

Advice from Child Care Providers on How to Provide Child Care Services

Are you interested in providing home child care services? If you are, this article would provide you with some valuable and practical advice obtained from experienced child care providers.

To begin, remember opening a day care business is different from babysitting in your neighborhood; you will need to have everything ready for any visits from the inspectors and having everything up to code standards. There are rules and regulations that you will have to meet before setting up a day care center in your particular state, for instance, the number of children other than your own that you can care for in your own home.

Next, get paid for full day programs rather than providing both half and full day child care services. In any case, you will be tied down the whole day. Charge for full days and full weeks as you have a limit to the number of children that you can care for at any given time. Taking in a child for only Mondays will mean that you have one child less to take in from Tuesdays to Fridays. This severely limits your income.

Children’s safety is a top priority when setting up quality child care services. Be extremely careful with how you care for them. Check with the local government on fire and safety regulations. To ensure a safe home day care experience, toys and playground items must be child-proof and child-friendly in design and function. A working fire alarm system is vital for any home day care business. Fire emergency equipment must be easily accessible in the event of a fire hazard at your home day care.

A well-managed day care center functions on routine and on schedule. A child knows what to expect next if there is a routine. Therefore, keep to schedule the regular playtime, bath, meal and nap times for the children under your care.

To add more value to your day care service and moving towards expanding your business, be creative and think outside the box. Don’t try to follow what everyone else is doing. You can consider planning activities such as art and craft lessons, music lessons and computer training for the children. You can consider charging higher fees as you need to cover the costs in running these activities and you may need to hire additional help.

To be successful and profitable in your child care services, you must remember that love for the children is foremost. In order to boost your profit further, you may consider running a home based child care referral service. Advertise for child care providers and babysitters. Screen and interview them, and finally match them with parents’ preferences and needs to come up with the right fee charging model for the parents.

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