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Posted in Child Support on 19th September 2011

Add on to “how do I decide if I should get child support”?
My son’s dad is very into drugs that is why my decision is so hard…I did a lot of things to make my son healthy and I dont want his father screwing all that up!

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Answer by Stacy L
Even thou his dad is into drugs, it is still his obligation to provide for the child. You did not indicate the age of the child. You can mandate supervised visitation or no visitation until he cleans up his act. Use the extra money to start a bank account for your child. Just a thought, the final answer is up to you.

Answer by happybunnyjg
yes you should get the dad to pay child support b/c it took both of yall to make the baby why should you let him get away with not paying for his own kid???it is not fair to you to have to financailly struggle,and its also not fair not to son he should get child support.

Answer by ANGELA A
I dont get child support for my kids, during our divorce I refused it. He didnt want anything to do with them and I didnt want him around. It was not worth the hassle for me, I had to provide for them and make them safe and happy. No amount of money from a man, will make that job any easier. Just let it be, he is not worth it and the kids dont need you stressed over him and the court proceedings

Answer by jcleann13
sweetie get the child support not decision needed u need this help cause later on in life u will regret if u dont do it now

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