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Posted in Toddlers on 26th November 2010

About Goodnights sleep pants?…?

I’m 13 and still wet the bed occasionally. My friend likes to spend the night, and has never known this. He just recently found a wet “diaper” in the trash can…

God I feel so embarrased! He asked me, “why do you still wear diapers? are you a toddler?” I told him I hated him and to never talk to me again at school.

I don’t want to loose his friendship, what should I say to him? Should I feel like I wear diapers? Are goodnights technically “diapers”? Please help me…


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Answer by WorldCitizen
Do not have much fluid from one hour prior to going to bed.
Always go to urinate just before hitting the bed.
Do not eat icecreams etc after dinner.

Answer by phatygurl143143
Talk to him, explain yourself and that its something right now you cant control. My friends brother wet the bed well into his 16th bday, there is a nasal spray RX you can get from your doc. to help. If your “friend” cant/wont or doesnt understand he is not a good friend to begin with. You dont need those kind of “friends” Goodluck.

Answer by nekkiddoglady
A real friend would understand. Just explain that you cannot control it at night, and you use the sleep pants to keep your bed clean and dry.

There are lots of people who have weak bladders. If he cannot be understanding about it, he isnt a very good friend.

Answer by kp
Please visit a doctor and try expressing your problems. Please do talk to your friend tell him that you have problems.
This are some prblems faced , still I persist you to g to doctor. Morever plz do urinate before going to bed.

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