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Jobs Abby is also an editor for The Daisy. She has one of the most important jobs and is the only sixth grader on the staff. She used to be “band manager’s assistant” in her school’s band, the Jazz Tones. She had been nicknamed; “curly red” and had done daring jobs. When choosing between The Daisy and the Jazz Tones, Abby felt it was too pointless to stay, even for Simon, so she quit. The only other “job” Abby had was in the summer in the book Super Special #1- The Best is Yet to Come. She had to babysit Olivia’s (her mom) friend’s daughter Wynter for 4 weeks, who was a difficult rat. Her mother wasn’t willing to pay Abby until Abby’s mom found out and kicked her out of the house, giving Abby the money she deserved. Friends and acquaintances Jessica “Jessy” was Abby’s former best friend. She was fond of space and science. She is fairly tall and has an unmarried mother. Later in the series, she moved in with her father along with his new wife and stepdaughters, changing into a total boy crazy girly girl and started wearing skimpy outfits and even having a boyfriend in 5th grade. Abby claims that Jessica is a completely different person than the new Jessy. Ian was Jessica’s boyfriend. He takes her to “mad cool” parties and is very popular. Natalie is an acquaintance of Abby, they used to be best friends but Bethany became her best friend later in the year. However they still remained close. Things changed again: ever since Abby quit the band job, Natalie and Abby had become “just friends” and rarely see each other. in sixth grade her personality changed her into a compltely different person. Natalie was messy, but in “Knowledge is Power” she is seen to now be neat and sleek. She wears hip clothes and acts bored a lot. She plays the clarinet and has a brother named Nicolas. Bethany was one of Abby’s good friends. She loves animals (especially hamsters because she is a hamster fanatic) is a vegetarian and used to be a cheerleader for Brianna saying “YAY BRIANNA” all the time. After she declared independence from her in “More the Merrier” she became a good friend of Natalie. However in”Now You See it Now You Don’t” she strangely goes back to being Brianna’s personal cheerleader again. She is also a talented gymnast. She owns one lops rabbit and one hamster named Blondie. Hannah was Abby’s current best friend. They met on Fourth of July. Hannah is much like Jessica, with similar long brown hair and big brown eyes. She is neat, understanding, friendly, tall, and a bit annoying at times. She always has a solution for everything and has many good ideas. She doesn’t always understand Abby as seen in “It’s Music To My Ears”. Even though Jessica was positive, Hannah has an over the top positive attitude and never talks bad about anybody. In “Sealed With A Kiss” Abby mentions that she thinks Hannah might have a bit of a crush on Casey, though she denies it. Brianna Bauer was a major show-off. Shelikes to brag excessively which includes reminding everyone she is the best and she only has the fanciest of things.In “Home is where the Heart Is”, Abby actually lives near Brianna. She has one younger sibling. Victoria is a mean, obnoxious friend of Brianna. When Abby fell on the first day of health class and lost her earring, Victoria called her the “One Earring Wonder.” She and Brianna met during the 5th grade science fair. Sophia was a shy, artistic girl who is another of Abby’s current friends. Sophia likes to draw, and is on the newspaper staff as the artist. Simon was Abby’s crush, saxophone player and is very popular. He has brown hair that falls over his face, blue eyes, and according to Abby he is dreamy. He is athletic, a good student, and very polite. In “All That Glitters isn’t Gold” it is mentioned that Abby and Simon are just friends and she no longer has a crush on him. He only sees Abby as a friend, barely an aquaintence, much to her dismay. Casey Hoffman was Abby’s friend from elementary school whom she met during the science fair. In elementary school they were teased and called “lovebirds” He is not in much of the later Abby Hayes books, such as “What goes up Must Come Down” and “All that Glitters isn’t Gold. Abby thinks that Casey likes Hannah and vice versa. Mason was a good friend of Abby’s, nicknamed “the Big Burper”. He helps Abby out by helping her sell cookies on school grounds, though it is against school rules. Mason has an older sister named Kathleen. Kathleen also pierced Abby’s ears for her.It is shown in Have Wheels, Will Travel that he has a younger brother. Mason is in love with Abby, but Abby is not interested. Zach was the computer whiz of 5th grade.He had blond hair, blue eyes, and long dark eyelashes. He was once described by Abby as cute, but also called him a zombie when he is hooked up to a game station. Brianna liked him in elementary school, much to his dismay. Tyler was Zach’s best friend. A computer whiz, Bethany liked him in fifth grade mostly due Brianna liking Tyler’s best friend Zach. Family Eva is Abby’s older sister and is Isabel’s twin. Abby calls her one of her ‘SuperSibs’ Eva loves sports and is all she ever thinks of, but when she breaks her arm she learns that she really does need help. Isabel is Abby’s older sister and Eva’s twin, another ‘SuperSib’. She is a freshman and very intelligent, who loves history (especially wars) and nail polish. She starred in plays in middle school and always dresses fashionably. She also does lots of debates. Alex is Abby’s younger brother, who is in second grade but can already build robots. He is a master at video games and a computer whiz. He also looks up to Abby. Olivia Hayes is Abby’s mother. She is a lawyer and a person who would do anything to ensure the best for her kids. It’s because of her promotion in her job that they all move to a new house in “Home is Where the Heart Is”. Paul Hayes is Abby’s father. He runs his own business from his officein their home. He helps the kids out when they’re uncomfortable every single time. In one book, when Olivia’s friend Laurie comes to visit, she has certain conditions she wants everybody to follow, like not eating any junk food or sugar or wheat. But Paul hides a stash of chocolate in his office and gives it to the kids after each boring meal. Grandma Emma is Abby’s favorite grandma because she is always sending her new calendars. When the family goes on a vacation Abby wants to go visit her gramdma but no one agrees with her. Abby suggests they bring her along and the family yells “YES!!!” Cleo is Abby’s cousin. In “Everything New Under the Sun”, Abby meets her. She is shown to be stuck-up and rude to Abby at the beginning of the book, but warms up later after a fight between her and Abby goes nowhere and the two start laughing. She enjoys dancing and drama, has travelled a lot, and is girly. Journal Abby has kept a journal since just before fourth-grade. The novels contain traditional third-person writing intermixed with portions of Abby’s journal written in the first person. Since Abby’s favorite color is Purple, she writes in Purple ink. She adds calendar quotes to almost every entry, even some that she made up. Abby loves to write, especially in her journal and wants to become an author. Calendars Abby has been collecting calendars for years. She decided to start collecting something due to her Grandmother who collects salt and pepper shakers. Her walls are covered in calendars and she has stacks of others sitting on the floor of her closet. In her journal she begins nearly every entry with a calendar quote. She made a few into a collage for art class when her father suggested it. She has about 635 calendars on her walls, some put under her desk, and some in the closet School Fifth Grade In the fifth grade, Abby goes to Lancaster Clark Elementary School. Abby’s favorite teacher is her creative writing teacher, Ms. Bunder, who gave her the nickname “Purple Hayes”. Ms. Bunder comes to Abby’s class every Thursday. Mrs. Kantor is her homeroom teacher who is new to the school. She had moved from Swiss Hill Elementary. Sixth Grade Abby goes to Susan B. Anthony Middle School, where one of her favorite teachers, Ms. Bean, works as an art teacher. She is similar to and friends with Ms. Bunder. Abby matures in the sixth grade. Abby had the courage to get pierced ears on her own,and she has a new sense of fashion. She makes a new friend, Sophia, who is very good at art. The Abby Hayes series Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining – Abby begins the fifth grade with hopes of living up to her flawless family. The Declaration of Independence – Abby is trying to convince her parents she is mature enough to attend a carnival with only her friends. Reach for the Stars! – Abby plans to get the lead role in Peter pan but rewrites the script instead . Have Wheels, Will Travel – Abby tries to earn her own money to buy new roller blades that catch her eyes. Look BeforeYou Leap! – Abby gets a kitten without permission but has trouble taking care of it. The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword – Abby is the advice columnist of her school newspaper. Two Heads Are Better Than One – Abby has a science partner of whom she least expected. The More, the Merrier – Abby plans to have an end of summer party for the whole fifth grade and paints her room purple. Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Jessica moves away and Abby takes a mind-aching babysitting job. Everything New Under the Sun – Abby visits her Grandma and her “perfect” cousin Cleo. Too Close for Comfort – Abby goes on a disastrous camping trip with her new best friend, Hannah that she met over the summer. Good Things Come in Small Packages – Abby received a project for charity work, but a strict teacher forces her to do other things that are supposedly more “important” than donating to the needy and poor. Some Things Never Change – Jessica revisits Abby but has already become a girly-girl. She is now obsessed with boys, parties, and even has a boyfriend named Ian. It’s Music to My Ears – Abby meets Simon, a handsome seventh grader that she likes and flirts with. Now You See It Now You Don’t – Things in Susan B. Anthony School that are really important to some students start to disappear mysteriously, and Abby goes in on the case. She soon finds out that her friend Natalie is stealing the objects because of family business and returns them without saying anything about Natalie. That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles- Abby makes cookies and sells them to earn money, but is violating the rules. Home is where the Heart is – Abby moves to a fancy, rich, big, and beautiful new house with skylights, polished railings, new appliances, cherry cupboards, numerous bathrooms, lofts and bedrooms, and comfortable canopy beds at Misty Acres, her new neighborhood where obnoxious, rich, and braggart Brianna Bauer lives and where her friends don’t. What Goes up Must come Down – Abby goes on a vacation in Paris. Meanwhile, she gets lost while Isabel and Eva are in the Eiffel Tower. Her cellphone gets stolen by someone but finds her sisters with the help of a new friend, Clara, and returns safely with the rest of the family. All that Glitters isn’t Gold – Abby feels isolated at Misty Acres and wants a cell phone to keep in touch, but her parents will not get her the 0 Mephone that she wants. She finds Brianna’s Me-phone and “borrows” it for a few days even after she gets a new phone. Sealed with a Kiss- The Valentine’s Day party is coming soon and Abby receives several smooch cards and struggles to find out who it is, and has even more trouble when she finds out who it is. Meanwhile, she discovers that her older sister Eva is in love. She finds out that Hannah may like Casey a bit, Eva’s boy friend is Stephan and that her secret admirer is Mason. Super Special #1- The Best is Yet to Come – Abby graduates the fifth grade and the family receives a visit from Laurie, Olivia’s friend in collegewho is a famous singer. She is forced to babysit Laurie’s difficult daughter, Wynter who is naggy, picky, and messy. Super Special #2- Knowledge Is Power – Abby starts the sixth grade and copes with bullying, making new friends, and making the decision to finally get her ears pierced. Abby learns to mature during this school year. 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