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Posted in Child Care on 2nd July 2012

A runaway child?
If my daughter keeps frequently running away will the police stop “caring” as much?
Because she keeps doing it every 2 days
for weeks at a time and my family said they will
stop taking t serious,
She’s 15
She never tells who’s shes with
she just comes back
and they last tiem she was found in
we live in Cleveland Ohio
I tried everything like looking up phone records,myspace but she’s to slick or so she thinks

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Answer by janessastephens29
I’d say probably. She’s doing this for attention. Find out what her rebellion is about.. Talk to her. Tell her you’re there for her, you love her. Say positive things, but tell her this can’t keep happening. But keep positive, make it sound caring, not like you’re trying to CONTROL her, you prob know how teens think. Ha ha

Answer by darkmelodii
she’s doing it for attention.
find out wuhhs wrong and wuhh she needs.

Answer by Sheri L
How old is your daughter? Why does she run away and do you know where she goes? Does she have a problem with drugs or alcohol? If she stays gone for weeks at a time than she is staying with someone. If you supply more information I might be able to help.

Answer by beccasuebbq
the police r not allowed to stop caring its their job to keep people safe. if they do then they can fired. but if ur daughter keeps running away then i think u should talk to her and ask her why she has been running away from home. when i was little i used to do the same exact thing it was because i had too much stuff on my mind. if its something u did (no offence) then ask her “what can i do to change my ways”. if not then she just probably has alot of things on her mind. no matter what it is u need to sit down with her and ask her why she keeps doing the things shes doing. hope i helped.. good luck!!!!!!!

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