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Posted in Babysitting on 8th March 2012

A New Ba – The Benefits of Relaxation Time

Article by Kit Marsters

We all know that looking after a baby takes up a lot of the parents’ time. A baby completely depends on his parents for his every need. We all know this, but most of us don’t completely comprehend just how intense this experience can be until the baby is born.

Having a baby is the most wondrous event in a person’s life. Nothing can replace that first look into a baby’s eyes, and the knowledge that this tiny human is a part of you, a part of your partner, and partly, uniquely, him- or herself.

Because a baby completely relies on you, and, as a mother, you have just gone through the process of bringing your newborn into the world, the first few months can be difficult. And no matter how much you love your new son or daughter, sometimes you might feel trapped and isolated from the outside world. There is no shame in this. Your life before you were a mother was, in all likelihood, completely different.

Whether your new baby is your firstborn or not, all of a sudden you have precious little “me” time. Especially if you already have another child, or two, you will find yourself trying to balance the needs of everyone else, from morning time to, quite often, the middle of the night when the baby wakes up and wants attention.

Everyone needs a little time for themselves, and some time away from the house, be it for a walk, or a visit to the shopping centre, or for some time spent just being you in the company of your friends, and having a laugh. Time dedicated to yourself will leave you feeling refreshed, and able to look after your family all the better.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Grandparents are often willing to baby-sit, other family members or friends are likely quite willing to do the same and you and your partner can take turns looking after your children to allow the other some space.

It can be difficult to leave your baby in the hands of others, the bond between mother and child is a strong one, but a grandparent has proven themselves successful in the raising of a child – you or your partner – and your baby will be safe with them. Even if it is just for an hour, time spent just the way you want is like charging that little inner battery. It’s vital to your wellbeing.

And time spent with your partner is crucial to your relationship – for at least some eighteen years your life will be shaped around your children. That’s a wonderful and rewarding way to spend those years, but it’s also lovely and healthy to get the occasional hours in your partner’s company.

When you do get some alone time with your partner, I advise you to go out for a nice dinner, go to see a movie you would both enjoy, or simply go for a walk to get in touch with nature and each other. Choose things you enjoyed doing before your baby arrived, perhaps even those enjoyments you shared when you were dating.

If you are both tired and happen to have the house to yourselves, how about apleasant meal, a DVD and some rest and relaxation? These are just some suggestions, of course. You will know best what works for your and your partner.

However you choose to relax, do remember “me” time can do wonders. It’s not just beneficial for you; it will have a positive effect on the whole family, including your baby. A happy parent means happy children.

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