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Posted in Toddlers on 11th February 2011

A Ghetto Christmas Song?
Well, I was listening to the radio on 103.1 in Augusta and a song came on and it was like an adult rapper and then a little toddler was replying like:

Rapper- “Who bought this?”
Toddler-“My mama n’ nem.”
Rapper- “Who bought that?”
Toddler-“”My mama n’ nem.”
Rapper- “And what about that?”
Toddler-“”My mama n’ nem.”

and then later in the song the little toddler was like,

“Sure did!”
“Sure did!”
“Sure did!”
“Sure did!”

Best answer(s):

Answer by jsw70
Oh God, firebomb that station

Answer by coral.
ummm no clue.

theres a better christmas ghetto/dance song.
christmas in hollywood by hollywood undead.

youve prolly heard it, tho.

Answer by hawt_mama
I heard the same song in N.C. and I also asked the same question no one seems to know the artist.

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