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Is paying $200 considered child support?

Posted in Child Support on 31st May 2014

Is paying 0 considered child support?
My boyfriend and I live together in my place the rent is $ 900 and he pays $ 200 plus cable and Internet . He just started to give me money orders for $ 200 and writes .” Child support ” I got pissed because second he does not write ” child support ” on the payments he gives his ex but With me he does. First off shouldn’t $ 200 be share of his rent ? And he also says that he needs to cover his ass because he wants to move out , I told him he is welcome to move out yet he still sticks around.

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Answer by tagboy
His half is 1/2 of 900 + i/2 half of bills.
My boyfriend and I live together in MY place. tell him you want half of all bills if not get a court order for eviction. This guy is a user and your the one being used.
he needs to cover his *** because he wants to move out tell him he has one month to move and get a court order and they will serve him the eviction papers and if he doesn’t move they will remove him. If he may be considerate a threat the court may give him

Read up on your rights
Everything has to be legal so you have to go thru the courts.

Answer by Grandpa
Why is this loser still in your place?

Answer by Liz
Breeding with a loser is considered stupid.

Answer by bleuroze
File for real child support and tell him he owes $ 450 for rent.

A debate that I don’t understand?

Posted in Child Care on 30th May 2014

A debate that I don’t understand?
Recently, I saw a debate that I couldnt quite figure out. The debate was about some lesbians who want there children to call them “daddy” or “father”, be the man of the house and being called “daddy” in bed. Alot of the people didn’t agree with the children calling them “daddy” because in there quote, it might “confuse” the child.

I didn’t know what to think of it.

Has anyone ever heard of this before ? And do you agree or disagree ?

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Answer by John Honor
The arbitrary distortion of reality, and compelling children to honor it, is one of the more sickeningly vicious sorts of child abuse.

Edit: I’m greatly pleased, judging by the thumbs down I’ve earned, to have offended so many whom I’d have thought incapable of understanding me, and whom it can only benefit to know how deeply and how bitterly I despise them.

Answer by J
I doubt that really exists, except for the in bed part.

Answer by One Day
I have never heard about that, but Im sure it happens….to each their own I guess.

Answer by D’
I find it absurd that anyone would engage in such an act. But knowing how f*cked up the world is, I am not going to argue against that.

Answer by *crys*
I don’t think it would cause any permanent damage, but don’t do that, my kids call me and my girlfriend mama and mommy. as long as theres no proof that it is likely to cause any long term damage

Answer by katydint
I don’t disagree because they should be able to have their family (and role titles) any way they want it.
Children, no matter what confusion greets them from home, are ‘straightened out’ fast enough by school, neighbors, media, family, etc. The children will see the different designs of family composition as they grow, and will by nature compare. By the time they’re adults, they’ll have had a lot to think about, and will decide what feels right for each of them, as they look to having their own households and families.

“I don’t care what you call me, just don’t call me late for dinner”

Answer by τнατ gιгℓ ♫
Power to them. Maybe the lesbian couple’s thinking is that, for example, on early school assignments, there’s going to be a line for Mother and Father. Just to make things easier, one parent will be the “father.” Honestly, I think it’s better for the child to understand in its early years that he/she has two mothers rather than one father and one mother.

Maybe it gives them some kind of normalcy in their relationship. But if I were the second non-daddy lesbian in the relationship, I wouldn’t want to call my partner “Daddy.” She didn’t fall in love with a man, she fell in love with a woman.

Answer by Noname
I have never, ever heard of a lesbian couple where on wanted to be called daddy. From my experience, gay parents let their kids decide what to call them, usually some thing like mommy and ma. Or daddy and papa.
Maybe there is a lesbian couple where one wants to be called daddy, but I’ve never heard of it. Maybe you are confusing female to male transsexuals for lesbians. A transman is a man, and is transitioning to physically be a man, so of course if he had kids he would be the dad. And I think wanting your partner to call you “daddy” during intercourse is a personal preference, one I doubt Every, Single transman shares.

Answer by auty
Yes I heard it, it was pretty out there. I disagree and agree with the people who said it would confuse the child. After all they have two moms, so? In my case for a little while they just had me until I met my love.

That isn’t the only reason though. There is no “daddy” in the house. If they needed discipline I would provide it, although hell at 19 and 17 there was very little need. They are 25 and 23 now with the older girl being married with a baby.

Answer by Gary
Unless you are in the position of making this decision for yourself and a child, what concern is it to you. Whether two or more people are married is really no one elses business. How two or more people who care for a child decide to be called by that child is no body elses business. What would most confuse the child would be those “other” people who “care” about the terms used–who are they to me (the child thinks); why do they have a say in my familys business? They don’t, is the answer. If you keep reminding the child that church and state are artificial institutions which he should never respect, the kid will grow up just fine! Government is ineffectual; religion is outdated.

What do you believe in? State your reasons.?

Posted in Working Mothers on 29th May 2014

What do you believe in? State your reasons.?
Do you have a religion, or is your “religion” believing in nothing
Personally I don’t have a “religion”.
I’m a Christian, even though a lot of people will hate without knowing who Christians really are. They will categorize it with other cults too.

Have you ever felt persecuted for what you believe in?
Has anyone told you you can’t do something because of who you are or what you do?
I believe in Science too. Mostly. Because science is observation, observing with your senses, and things you can prove. But we can’t prove something we weren’t here for, and don’t have records.
Yeah, it depends on how you view it. I’m a Christian meaning Christ-follower, or I want to have a relationship with Christ.
I do feel mocked by close-minded people who have been taught the same thing their whole lives and accept it as THE TRUTH.
It’s crazy there’s so many religions! There must be a reason or something more intelligent out there (and I’m not talking aliens) or some reason why we want to have religions.

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Answer by Jared, QED
“Personally I don’t have a “religion”.
I’m a Christian”

Idiot. Whoops, I guess I’m persecuting you.

Answer by C
I believe in Jesus Christ and the King James Bible

Because it is true

Answer by Green Goblin
I believe in reality. Things that have been Scientifically proven and can hold up to experimentation.

Answer by Logic [Free Mind]

Answer by smoking frog

i dont need no reason not to believe

Answer by Aljebar

Answer by Pirate AM™
Why would I need to “believe” in something? It seems that people who believe have this thought that “belief” is a inherent thing, when it really is not necessary.

Answer by star
so you’re a christian without a religion? isn’t christianity a religion. I am a christian btw.

Answer by Just Like Heaven©
I’m agnostic, i guess.
I think it’s stupid that their are more than 100 dif. religions. They all have their own flaws and rules. I just say I belive in god. period. Organized religions suck.

Answer by Frizby
I believe in God, i don’t feel persecuted, but i do feel mocked by those with closed minds on yahoo R&S..

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