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You are obliged to keep to if the child over 18 graduate not pay, but decided back?

Posted in Child Support on 31st January 2014

you are obliged to keep to if the child is over 18 is to be paid not graduate but decided to back?
we have to pay child support for about 7 years, the last child turned 18 a few months ago, he did not because of him not attending classes, it was our turn to graduate support, because the system is assumed he di, now the mother went enforcement has supported and explained that he was back in school and now has reasumed support until he marches on stage .. Best Answer (s):

If the court says it must be so, then it must continue until he graduates.

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This may sound strange, with 18 they are considered adults and children money is not the Problem.Einige child benefit until it is 19, but you need about having your attorney that you need to talk.

Answer by ron-D
parents did a great job with this, right? Did not even graduate high school. Yes, father responsible.

Answer by Maria S
Yes. This is called “continuation” of the school betrachtet.Und the court may also order you to pay until he graduates from college. This is rare, but could happen.

Answer by Lynn V
Dad should be in conjunction with the school, ask if this is actually bum attending classes. Mom could very well be gaming system. If he is skipping school, or even not enrolled, Dad should deliver on that evidence to support and advocate.

Answer by Point
Let the mother take you back to the first court. See if the judge agrees with you, that support must continue. Do not pay just because it says you bubel many months altogether did you pay child support, but the child does not go to school? Mention that when you return to court gehen.Der teenager is not a minor. It is the age of a law adults. It was his decision to leave school in the first place, so I do not think he would be your financial obligation sein.Nun if Jr wants to go on to college, keeps your financial responsibility at age 21.

would Answer by SK
If he is still living at home and is reasonably supported as a child, then yes, you still have to pay child support. Your ex is still to raise him and still paying for his food and clothing and things, because he is still at home and still in high school. It is to your child, as long as he needs the support of parents, to help pay for them you have. Very few situations are considered “still need support”, but try to complete is definitely one of Fälle.In this sense, I suggest you be the man and father you are obviously not not (that mom sounds so great, since they do not). Check for this child and be a part of his life to help him get through school as soon as possible.

answer by Get In Line
Yes. In most states, the condition is that child support is mandatory until the child reaches 12 Class or until they reach the age of 19 years … whichever occurs first.

Answer by Arthur W
Id competition that his mom was not your fault, did not make him stay until he and his studies, as they should have when in high school he was 18 he responsible for his own life adults, but I personally think see theres more to this then youre so I would challenge this decision, like mom failed

in their duties as custodian parent

what is and how you qaulify a just cause in suport child?

Posted in Child Support on 30th January 2014

what and how you cause for a fair child suport? qaulify
what is and how you qaulify a just cause for child suport Best Answer (s):

MJ response
what you mean by only cause that? I do not understand your question. In what state do you live?

Answer by Erik
Either Google search for “just cause alimony” or ask a lawyer.

Not every Japanese anime or things, but will put a convention?

Posted in Babysitting on 29th January 2014

Not every Japanese anime or stuff, but stuck going to a convention?
Basically, long story to my parents make me briefly to some convention going with my younger brother and his friends stayed behind because they four of them got a room, and they someone so that they do not want to get in trouble “babysit”. I unfortunately got stuck doing the job, because I happen to have a car and the Convention, on my days off. (Which I’m not always a substitute for gas and food since I worked for the twerps dinner and drive it up and down when the thing is to be paid over) Anyway, if you have not guessed, I hate this stuff. For me, it’s just pointless Big eyes Japanese cartoons that my brother has an over fixation on an almost disturbing degree. I would much prefer hiking in the mountains or in the library reading “City of My Dreams”, but I’m stuck so I’m trying to think of ways to carry these three days nightmare also denken.Wie always set the rules of my parents, that I be where the brats are such that “nobody kidnapped” (My mothers words did not I would be more than happy mean. Heck, if someone did that.) not let them eat junk food all day, (although of what that kind of place I was told that sells nothing but Japanese junk food and their breakfast, lunch and dinner will be nothing, but his McDonalds, because I pay for it), and to ensure that they are not the space in the trash. At first I thought I could just bring a book to read while she and whatever did, but mentioned my brother, they would go to many “dances”, “screening” (for some comic I do not know or care about), and buying garbage in the dealer room. So I read a book or listen to music is not in question, since I’m gonna have to hunt down them and give them attention to schenken.Wie Anyway I guess my question is, what can I do to pass the time ? while babysitting at this convention Best Answer (s):

chorle answer
ensure that they have three 21-rule http://dragon-con.pbworks.com/w/page/28066260/3-2-1 rule know go to each panel, discussed the tenacles (or not) it is advisable to granola bars bringenso took the parents may be the only guy in America, the anime does not like the group, could treffenes an agreement okonomiyaki and other foods that are relatively healthy seinFilm rooms are a great place to sleep and they will probably also have live-action movies, although the ones that you need to read if one language they do not speak in.CON that many CONs more than a cult following bring gefeiert.eine camera and if they say yes, a few photos of the cosplayers

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