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Toddler “difficult” new schedule … what to do?

Posted in Toddlers on 31st December 2013

toddler “difficult” new schedule … what to do?
My 22 months old son has never been a really good sleeper, but he would wake up at around 5:45 or 6 in the morning. But in recent weeks, he decided in the morning that is 5 clock or even earlier on some days, like yesterday – it was 4:00 Uhr.Irgendwelche tips wake up how to get back to a “normal” him time Best Answer? (s):

Ang answer.
not let him nap past 2:00 when he naps. And trying to awake him as to keep lat as possible. Put him to bed when u go to bed.

Answer by Sara
simply make sure that it not be worth while to wake up. Do you think it is dark, do not let him play, other than to say, do not talk in the same bed with him and if he says that he give him water hunger or thirst. It might be difficult for a few nights, but he soon re-adjust.

or if he ever earlier it is either a temporary thing to say, it is significant that he needs less sleep. Less nap or to bed later. Or you could get, but that sounds awfully early.

I am curious if this be considered cheating?

Posted in Child Support on 30th December 2013

I am curious if this be considered cheating?
when a woman a man is both attested to the birth of her child, knowing he is not the father, but lets him believe that he is responsible for a number of years then a dna he proves. could be charged with fraud? or could he get reimbursed for all the “child support”? (In the state of Mississippi) Best Answer (s):

Tagboy answer
I would say.

Reply Artemisc
Maybe, but they prove “knowingly” his name on the birth certificate without knowing he was not the father could be difficult.

Answer by Eric S.
if they can prove that the women knew that he was the child’s father. if they can not .. this also happens a lot of people with a lot of people who are not really sure who the father is to sleep so that they their the last person to take them slept.

Answer by Pam
No. That would be too hard to prove that it is done knowingly. Have you not seen Murry?

Answer by whoknows?
More than likely, the latter. Unfortunately, as would prove a person who “they” actually knew who the father was / is before the DNA test? It would be difficult not only prove it, but to convince a judge. Do not know if this is at all possible (reimbursement partially) done this a million times more than anyone have a clue, but … sad, really sad!

Answer by Conor has
He could certainly sue, yes. It sounds like a good case of forgery actually. You forged an official document. That would certainly be something to talk to a lawyer.

Answer by George McCasland
No, paternity fraud is committed by women is not illegal in any state. Not yet. However, he could sue for financial damages. All people need to verification of paternity than 30% of the tests come negativ.http :/ / article-paternity_fraud_rampant.dads-house.org /

So Atheist: If your daughter, sister or mother “chose” to work in the adult entertainment biz, you would be ok?

Posted in Working Mothers on 28th December 2013

So Atheist: If your daughter, sister or mother “chose” to work in the adult entertainment biz, you would be fine
I’ve never seen a shameless STRAUSS COME. ! OMG Best Answer (s):

Loosey ™ As long as I
. in free

Reply Sailor Moon IN JESUS ​​LOL
As long as they do not ask me for peer review of their work, I’m A-OK with that.

King of Hearts 4
answer is yes, because in the adult entertainment biz work not physically harm me in any way.

Answer by Ava
No way, because I’d rather not have someone come to me on the street and say yo yo I saw mothers ass on the internet

No. I would be a nuisance to them and asked them to introduce me to one of her friends, or a manufacturer to get me with the other girls to get a movie from Omar.

Reply Kagos
I have no sister. My “mother” decided to continue her career in this line of work. I would strongly believe my daughter, but if she.’s Age of majority, then there is nothing I could do except to try to ensure their safety

Reply MacGuyverism
As long as they introduce me to your friends. Ture story, my first roommate was a stripper ^ _ ^

Answer by Lil ‘Rascal
My daughter, sister or mother is not a “skanky whore”. ….. so it would not happen.

Not a Member Reply
He can come on the way that this economy. Will not bother me.

Acid Zebra
As long I mean 10%.


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