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I have had a terrible upbringing and begin to feel the effects?

Posted in Child Care on 29th November 2013

I have had a terrible upbringing and begin to feel the effects?
I have lived a very sheltered / overprotective / abusive life, and I still want until I’m 18 or so. I am now 15, but I’m already feeling the effects. I can not hang out with friends, can not leave the house. Summer basically means house arrest, I desperately want to start school to human contact, all I need to get the world to see again. Well, I never lived in the real world. somehow I have rebelled, but they do not know. I changed my religion, took a few drinks and smoked grass and I’m already 15 I have really bad anxiety, terrible anxiety and I have many fears now. I cried over a catchy tune in my room and a dog in a church event, etc etcich just want to be normal, but this has made me mentally handicapped education. a girl once said, “thank you” and it took me at the age of what they should say, and I finally said, “Oh your welcome” it’s just so sad. I’m depressed, but small. the biggest problem for me is fear. When I invited somewhere, my chest starts to hurt and I get scared. I’m not really spoiled idk just life has basically no meaning. I can not say I have “memories” because I really do not. ive had maybe aufgehängt.ich only twice with a friend absouletly nothing, nothing to live for in my life. I have no common sense or street smart, I lack sympathy for every human being. I do not know what to do, my parents did not know that smoked or drank or changed my religion, I do not want to end up on the wrong way, but I feel like I also haben.Ich I’m 15 and sick in the head and already in a downward spiral, what can I do? there are also a lot more to the overprotectivness and abuse, but I’m not going to get into it, so do not just think, “wow your luck, I wish cared for my parents! ” because you just do not understand Best Answer (s):

Answer It is very difficult when children outgrow or think they have their parents’ view of things hinausgewachsen.Sie live two lives, perhaps out of necessity, I have no idea, but it is stressful, is offensichtlich.Sie need a Verbündeten.Wenn you have a pediatrician, then make an appointment to speak with them, you feel depressed when you want immediately, or say something else when the real reason to verstecken.Aber when you see them, level with them about your situation and your feelings – your depression and Angst.Antidepressiva and talk therapy – you can medications you empfehlen.Wenn to speak to the therapy – get a therapist, then open to her, she will keep things secret as long as you are not always selbstmörderisch.Sie carving your own path in the world, and that can be very hard if you do not haben.Seien parental support you vorsichtig.Viel happiness.

Parents, how do you deal with a child who employ back-calls and defiant?

Posted in Child Care on 28th November 2013

parents, how do you deal with a child to work around the back-calls and is defiantly?
my situation is a little different. My daughters have burn scars from a fire two years ago. You are in therapy, but sometimes do not understand the recent (11) with the concept of STOP. I try to talk and their thinking, and sometimes it works and sometimes not Best Answer (s):.

Trojan8408 answer
my parents my ass

Reply calamito
Why is this different? She is still a child and you are the parents. Tell her, fuck. Take things from her that she really enjoys, and punish them.

Answer by Jane
Just because it does not mean scars, she can not learn to be civil. Punish them.

Reply snakeplisskin33
There is no clear answer. Keep reasonable, friendly and loving. Never stop, no matter how bad it can get. Finally, the message is, as long as you never give up, to “fight fire with fire.” Anything to do is undermine all the hard work you achieved until then. Good luck

Reply dizzkat
part of the discussion back is the age and part may be the trauma. But either way, you have to set limits. Send her to her room, grounding, additional tasks all helped a little with my own daughters. I have a lip Flick given more than once for extreme impudence!

response from Kansas
from a formerly defiant child, depending on where the burns are, spank! If you do not, start the privileges away if they do not stop to know something that they should not do, or that you tell them to stop doing, and reward them by granting additional, out-of -the-ordinary privileges if they do not do either, what you did not say, or when they stop, if you ask. Praise and reward when they do good, take, when they do wrong.

Answer by Skitz they
introduced in thier and do not let them whos the real parents in white charge.th parents, they are.

Reply Pavilion S
when I talk back to my parents, I’m gunna have to be willing to give a grave to order for my self lol! so I just never talk again, so I wont have to do that

Reply chester4e
I would be slapped in the face

Answer by Hello Peps I would spank or timeout. I know they made themes that and all, but if they are not in physical pain from him then to draw a line and have that the only acceptable behavior that they will ever be allowed and not deviate from it, that his have Sie.Es will help them set boundaries to more than therapy. Not to say they may need no treatment, but they must be treated like any other child.

Did he really want to take a break or is he just trying not to hurt me?

Posted in Babysitting on 27th November 2013

Did he really want to take a break or is he just trying not to hurt me?
I’m 15 and my boyfriend is a little more than 20 (No, it’s not “babysitting” call). I did something that really dump & was stupid and let him really be angry and stressed out. He ignored me for about a week, that got me really worried and scared. I wanted to talk to him, but it was really hard trying to contact him. On 5 Day I called him, he said he wanted to take a break. He said that I’m still young and I just focus on my education. Because I’m still young, he said he did not want to stir up any problems. In our culture, people like to care about other people, he also said that he does not want anyone talking about me, because I with someone as old as him clap. He sounded really stressed when I talked to him. He told me to wait until I do. Graduated from high school, so it will be easier for us He said that if I can do it (I think he meant, if I go on without him .. Because now?) We might see each other again. He also said that I do not know how to love … What does this mean? My friend has a big heart and is mature and respectful. Since I do not do a lot of experience, I get confused what he said, at some point …. I do not know if he really wanted a break, or if he just tries softer to make the break? He also said he no longer wants to be my friend …? What does confuse me ..? I can not call him … Even if I message him .. He did not reply back …. What should I do? If you’re going to be rude, please do not comment myself because I know that you do not understand. Thank you. ^ _ ^ Best Answer (s):

Emerald answer
It’s a break up. Stop trying to contact him. It makes you look desperate, which only proves his point even more. It hurts, but the best thing you can do is to start your attention elsewhere. Graduation is a big deal, and most people over twenty frown from high school students. Take all the positive and negative energy and turn it into motivation, determination, self-confidence and so on. Learn from the bad moments, and appreciate the good moments, and move on.

response from Michael
stopped reading at “dump & stupid ‘

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