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What are my rights of autonomy in school?

Posted in Working Mothers on 29th June 2013

What are my rights autonomy in school?
I am over 18, my college can make to demand conditions as a parent myself to do things just because they feel it is in my interest? Could you me go to a writing workshop to saw my essays when I have a straight A student’m forcing, never had any problems with essays and class I for non-English related in any way’m signed. Rates do not say that they require you to return to lernen.Können paper formatting or something they force me to my dorm at a certain time at night? It feels like they are trying to force their morality on me. The school rules say they can not proselytize or preach as a minister so why should they be able to control when I have come home at night? We have a door that you have to get a code, it’s not like we have set a reception guard who goes home at any given time, so it is not a safety issue. Best Answer (s ):

response of MM
These are not rules as a parent. They are rules like a boss or landlord. I do not want a curfew? Tough from the rest of your lease and move to an off-campus building that does not have a. Think you already know how to write essays in accordance with the school expectations? Find an hour to go to the writing center and prove. But adults know that sometimes you have things you do not want to do, to find a way to deal with it, instead of complaining about it is treated like a child.

Reply RoaringMice
Yes. Their consent to participate in this university means you have agreed to follow their rules. Similarly, live by the agreement in their dormitories, have agreed to follow their rules.

response from Skylark ♥
Each university has its own set of policies, rules and regulations, and the students are expected to know and adhere to it, even if they are with them disagree. Most students live on campus do have autonomy, however, and what you describe is not typical for the modern era. Not restrict with the notable exception of military installations and a few private Christian colleges, most colleges if their on-campus residents must return their residence. My grandmother told me with a “house mother” and a curfew, but that was in the 1960s. It is also strange that require a college student in good standing to their work looked before handing in, but I guess your school has authorized a purpose for Schreibwerkstätten.Also yes, your college, before that you writing workshop too visit and return to your dorm after a certain time, although I agree, it is strange that they do. You’re over 18 and you have the freedom to decide where you go to college and if you are prepared to deal with these limitations. If you receive a quality education and are satisfied for the most part, and then just stay busy. Otherwise, another college where more independence could be transferred to. I am very autonomous at my college, as are most of the other students at other schools. We have the right conditions for life on campus (respect the quiet hours, not over an open flame inside, and the like) and no restrictions on our comings and goings. I started out as a small college, and it made no difference to my freedom while on campus. The only thing is my school is strict about underage drinking, but that seems to be true at most universities in the United States. There are still some measures at my college, on my campus are hotly disputed, as the students, to the outrageously expensive to have a meal plan in the majority on campus, although there are kitchens available to them. We have to play by the rules or get out of the game. I think you have the same luck to tun.Viel. ~ Skylark

my bf can sign away his parental rights to avoid child support?

Posted in Child Support on 26th June 2013

my bf can sign away his parental rights to avoid child support?
He got his ex pragnent, she had a child and never told him about it, and put him on child support, no whe pays support with part-time job and not where they live and they won, t let to see his child, he lives in Texas and lives in California, he had no money has for the law, so please answer my question can my bf to sign away his parental rights to avoid child support Best Answer (s):

Answer by James Ford
No, it would not change the fact that he really he is still the father of Kindes.Wenn in fact.

answer of How secure Dude

Reply by james
Your friend needs to stop playing around and grow some balls!

reply by Colleen and Michael C
He can but the mother has him up to them, if she says no, he can not without going to court, but because he pays child support he should be excluded before court that he make them take the children to visit him because he is the one paying.

answer by Blue Angel
I think it has been done before. The papers would have a clause about “no further claims” to the child, as well as “no obligation to support.”

Reply cantcu
belong It’s hard to figure out what you say, but I’ve seen fathers sign away their rights. It is not that easy and if DHHS is involved, it will not passieren.Visitation has nothing to do with child support payments. I can see the thumbs down, but I worked for DHHS for 26 years, so that they can thumbs down me all they want, it will not change the facts.

Reply by free speech
tell him to see a DNA test if it’s at all

reply by George McCasland
Not without the consent of the Gerichts.http :/ / giving_up_parental_rights.dads-house.org/Allerdings there may be a further option seinhttp :/ / Single_Fathers_N_Safe_Haven_Laws.Dads-House.org/Wenn he decides on his or her rights to the child. Http :/ / Single_Fathers_N_Paternity.Dads-House.Orghttp :/ / Child_Support.Dads-House.org/Http :/ / getting_started-Fathers_N_Family_Law.Dads-House.OrgHttp :/ / To learn a father’s rights, join Dads House in Yahoo Groups. It is free to join, access all materials, and you associate with other fathers going through, and have already gone the same subjects. We have an Educational Manual teaches that everything has to be known in addressing your legal issues. Mention your question here when asked why you are participating and your state want? Http://Dads-House.org

What’s wrong with my dog ​​lately?

Posted in Babysitting on 25th June 2013

What’s wrong with my dog ​​lately?
I have a 3 year old rotty / pit mix and he was always so bad about food / treats lately. I know hes probably around the age to “act”, but hes out of control. From the moment I take his bowl, he’s crazy, he’s anxious, trembling and so on the food zones. When I get him to sit up and snap out of it before I left him in his food, he does not even try to sit down all the way (theres like an inch of his ass and the floor), and he begins to tremble uncontrollably. With dog bones, I give him one and he will wine and whimper because of the pain it caused him a whole (I give him rawhide chips). He never used to be like that. I know I’m feeding him enough, because his weight is fine. It all started about a month ago. Who knows, a few simple tricks training to calm him down. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I just do not have the time or energy to get up and over it the whole time. I thought I had all trained and ready for the baby him, but now hes just downhill. Hes never aggressive, never was, only extremely concerned about food Best Answer (s):.

reply by Amy
Just keep being persistent and consistant with the training / work with him. A dog needs to know who is responsible – and that is the owner. If you are not consistant, sees the dog as a weakness and will try to “take over” in some way. Just stick with it to.

Reply by jess
enter the food or treats him until he is calm. Before you hand over the bowl or put him a treat, tell him “sit” and wait until he sits quietly. This may mean standing there for 15 or 20 minutes or longer, but by asking him food when he is too excited, you reinforce the behavior. If he is impatient and gets up, quietly tell him sit again. And if he doing something else, such as barking, whining or pawing you begin, turn your back to him and ignore him completely until he is calm again. When he is calm, praise him and give him the food / Genuss.Starten NILIF training – do not give him anything (food, attention, toys, etc.) until it responds to a command first. It does not have to sit, it can be anything. http://k9deb.com/nilif.htmBeim training, gradually phase out treats until he responds only to praise. Also make sure that he will get plenty of exercise. At least 2-3 hours (divided) of walking / jogging / cycling / whatever * every * day more if he needs it. Live every dog ​​with pent-up energy.

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