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Are you missing your cat / kitten, if you work to the shops, or where you always they can not?

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st December 2012

you missing your cat / kitten, if you go to the shops, work, or place where you can not find it?
I love to do go home, I can see my cat Best Answer (s):.
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Yeah, I do, and all the people “no” I think they recognize them as Familie.Meine cats are my family, and I love home get and see them all happy and meow me 🙂

response from Demi Lovato
If I had my pet cat, I used to think in the class while in school and always ask my friend “Will my cat safe and give a call to my mother, if she is at home.” This made me confortable when I’m out. Think not only in the classroom, in the party, shopping or even for only minutes from I about my cat, I verwendet.Wenn come home first thing is to see my cat or ask my mother, “Where is my cat? ” If not at home i used to be very excited and nervous thinking something was going badly for my cat .. My cat was with me 4 years later where it went i don t no way I hear petting cats, because I go crazy again and can not respond to my work.

answer concentrate by jim m
I’m the same way. We love our cats! You can like a child.

response from Melissa
I always miss my cat where I go!

response from jljoanie be
Yes, I do. But the good thing my cats have a cat tree at home, so I know not to get bored. They are having the time of their lives on their playhouse.

Women could choose if you think slavery and segregation would have ended sooner?

Posted in Working Mothers on 30th December 2012

If women could choose you think slavery and segregation would have ended sooner?
Best Answer (s):

response from LighteningFast.

response from same girl
definitely. especially women who watch their children in other families sold or suffer at the hands of discrimination.

response from Bryan had
No. Even some men wanted to end slavery, but to not be successful.

response from Choc1
No, because these days the men wore the pants in the relationship. They would only selected that the man wanted, that they.

response of cell-Paris
no, they would all just men made sex slaves for themselves, which is kind of cool when you think about it

Reply by Afro – Samurai
Nope. White women only care for other white women, screw Blacks

response from sock it to me 🙂
No, because most white women and white men in this country, where dirt poor and not give a rats a * s about slaves.

Answer by Anonymous
The vote of women affected America. I want to believe that this is the. From a change Or things would accelerate. But slavery existed before we were born, so we were not there to say hey to agree to let us for a better future. If that were the case, ruled America. (We now usually what kept us before)

response from jeannette ♥ No
how women of slaves also benefits. Even white women would not want segregation because blacks were lower than them, so when it ended, and blacks and whites were equal, then white woman would. At the lower end of the chain with black women

response from hettitiern No
most ppl do not own slaves and did not care.

What are allergies and why some people have?

Posted in Child Care on 28th December 2012

What are allergies and why some people have?
I’ve been wondering this for quite a while now … Best Answer (s):

response from MisMischievous
allergies are the bodies immune system to fight a foreign substance. The body is histamine that …. the allergic reaction, which can be seen in general in different ways Itching, rash, hives, etc. Some people have it and some do not produce, because everybody is different. Not everyone responds to the same things in the same way. Just a simple fact.

response from pikc even my
Dermie can not tell me the answer. Yea … I listened by allergies for the last 4 years and keep breaking out in small red spots – you can do all of my Dermie is my antihistamine pills I 2x a day. Despite this I still break out in (less), I’m going to watch the answers and looking for the entire agent, if any

response from KONOEIRO
Its in the genes think ich.Ich have an allergy, and I hate es.im allergic to silver so when I wear it I get rashes all over this part.

response from Nick N
an immune response to a foreign antigen that results in inflammation and organ failure. Ranging from life-threatening allergies annoying the. They affect about 20% of the U.S. population and can be triggered by inhalation, direct contact, ingestion or injection. Allergens do not stimulate an immune response in all people, only those who have been sensitized.

response from beefire9
just a little on the MisMischevious extension (I hope it right) to answer written a little. Allergies are caused by an accumulation of known white blood neutrophils. Cause these neutrophils with certain antibodies in the body, by a histamine response. Histamine is the chemical responsible for the classic allergy symptoms, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, sneezing, etc. They are also partly responsible for the symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction (hives, swelling of the throat) The medications called antihistamines which antibodies block the release of histamine. A true allergic reaction is from a person who is exposed to an allergen, say shellfish. The first time this person eats mussels, they are not aware that they are going to have an allergic reaction. Next time when they eat shellfish react with antibodies to the allergen and whose body begins symptoms occur. The first allergic reaction may be so severe as to raise the body can, or can be as little as a cold. The antibodies may remain for years running, can disappear at rest, or. The human body is a very complicated machine and its components seem to have a mind of their own. This is just a really basic run down, there are actually more hormones and cells involved, but it took me about three weeks of college to learn it, and I really do not think I could fit on one page. Hope this helps.

response from Archangel
allergy is an overreactive immune response from our body. Antibodies are released when a person makes an “allergen” (typically proteinaceous in nature) As soon as it enters the body, our bodies go back to “automatic” and release “histamine”, the typical reddish skin or rash, watery eyes, runny nose or sneezing caused. That’s why we are “antihistamines” to us to alleviate the allergic symptoms. Some people have them due to some factors such as: genetic (passed down from parents to offspring), where to irritants such as chemicals, pollen, dust mites, or in my case, if I am still in my mother’s belly, she had care exposed to me my sick grandmother. That has somehow affected my immune system, not to mention that we are born in a highly polluted world.

response from Queen of the Dust Mites
Allergy is a chronic condition. There is a deficiency in the immune system. For the most part of the body is to identify very good “self” cells and “non-self” cells. In other words, the body is designed to know, which includes cells and cells which do not. If something does not belong appears (like a cold or flu virus, for example), uses the body’s immune system, to interrogate cellular warfare. Allergic reactions occur when the body detects false benign protein (like a little mold, pollen, dust mites or even poop) as one of these invaders. For most people, the body just says, “Hey look its a piece of mold, pollen or dust mites poop …. who cares” for the growing number of people with allergies, “her body, say Hey, What is this stuff? I think we are under attack! His WAR! “So the immune system begins to produce IgE, this leads to a number of things happen. The person may start sneezing, coughing, their eyes may itch and water, maybe they’ll sneeze. They do erupt hives or eczema, in the worst case, swell their throats or their bronchi constrict and they have a full asthma attack or go into shock. There are many theories about why some people have it and others do not, and why asthma is on the rise. One theory says that it is genetic, and with better medicine, allergies are now living long enough to breed successfully and passing the genetic defect. Others cite increased environmental factors that overwhelm the immune system (such as excessive number of toxic chemicals), a third theory is that we have to such a “clean” society that no longer allows children play in the dirt, kissing the dog on the mouth, drink, or from the water hose on the side of the house, and get exposed to as a result, their immune systems are so little that they overwrought over the smallest thing (such as dust mites poop). If I were a betting person, I’d bet on a little bit of all three: o)

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