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Child Support advice!?

Posted in Child Support on 30th November 2011

Child Support advice!?
Im 21 and I have a 15 month old little boy! His father and I are not together and havnt been since a week after i found out I was pregnant. We havent been to court or anything because neither of us can really afford it. I know its what we would need to do but we just cant do it. We have an agreement of visitation and “child support” as of right now. I am going to be getting married in June and I have been with this guy since I was 7 months pregnant with my son! Now my sons father only pays for child care and its 120 a week and my sister is the one who keeps him. She is getting a job with a local daycare near our house and so Ill be sending my son to the daycare she works at after she starts. The charger per week is 155 and I asked my sons father to help me pay and and make his child support 177 a week instead of just the 120 a week. He doesnt help with anything else except chid care now and i feel like its fair that he pays half of the daycare charges and it would be 177 a week for child support that he would pay. I realize that is kinda high but its not fair i have to pay for EVERYTHING except child care at the time. I know LEGALLY he doesnt have to help me with anything or even pay child support and i dont legally have to let him see my son. I just wanted to see if I could get some advice or insite on what he would have to pay if we were to go to court. I even lowered the child support to 140 and he would pay the 77 for daycare and leave me with 63 for child support and he still says thats not ganna fly. He makes WAY more money then I do and doesnt have any bills to pay so im not sure why he is being the way he is about paying half of daycare. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
My sons fathers name is not on the birth certificate. I know he would have to do the paternity test and have him legitimised. So can i still petition for child support?

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Answer by JustBored 🙂
if you go to the attorney general for child support it’s free.

Answer by sheloves_dablues

LEGALLY, he does have to pay support. LEGALLY, you do have to let him see his child.

You don’t need a lawyer to file a support order. There are forms available at the courthouse that you can fill out yourself.

Answer by NAT
Call your courthouse to see what it would take to file a child support worksheet on the father and see if they can assist with free legal aide. Your getting $ 480 now per month which sounds pretty close to being where it should be, I get $ 503 a month for my son

Answer by chiliredkitty
get a lawyer and do it the legal way. Nice and neat and done.

Answer by no1advice
You file (with birth certificate in hand-I take it he is the father listed on the birth certificate) take it to the county clerk of court and ask how can I file for child support. She will direct you on how to do it.

Once he is served with the papers he will have to appear in front of the judge with you. Do this for you and the child’s sake. He’s looking at a minimum of $ 425. per month. You will get the money you need. Do this all before you get married to a new man. Get your house in order first before jumping into another marriage. The child support and hopefully the new husband will work you will then be able to put the child in day care and you can work also. Everything will be fine. Get on some birth control so the new husband isn’t providing a new baby to feed also in this mix. THINK!!! Plan. My husband has a motto I live by…he says Plan the work….Work the Plan.

If he’s not on the birth certificate he must do a DNA test. There you will need a lawyer to force this to happen.

Answer by Summer
you need to get a lawyer and take him to court. but you can google “child support calculator” and it will hopefully help you.

Answer by Marc
It costs you nothing to file a Petition for Support and for Custody. If you can’t afford an attorney to do the work for you .. you have to become proactive and do the work for yourself. The father of the child has to step up to the plate much like you do. And when the support order is written by the judge the father’s wages can be attached so that he’ll be paying the support directly to the court by his employer taking the money out of his check. The court will then pay you the money. In order to ascertain the amount of the support order he’ll have to fill out and document his income and expenses as will you.

Answer by Hope
I’m sorry but, really?? You haven’t been together since the week after you found out you were pregnant and the guy still pays you $ 120 a week and you want to make a big deal out of $ 35 a week? You pay your sister $ 480 a month for child care??

It sounds to me like he is trying to do the right thing, don’t make a big deal out of a few dollars. I think your distraught because you are going to have to pay the difference and 480 is not too shabby for 1 kid.

Be thankful that he’s a decent guy and has always been willing to help. Don’t center your child’s upbringing around money and child support like so many other mothers do. I’m sorry but I think it’s a show of character $ 480 is plenty of help for 1 child. What he makes and what his bills are SHOULD be irrelevent, he’s still helping you with your expenses. Would you pay the same if your son lived with him?

I know it is expensive to raise a child I have 3 of my own, but I am so sick to death of hearing “what about me, where’s my money, it’s not fair I want more”. Quite acting like your son is an “expense”, trust me he will resent your for it.

Yes, you can go through the attorney generals office to establish a court order, but be careful you may get less…

Answer by George McCasland
You don’t need to hire attorneys. Everything can be done using a Certified Mediator. Total cost of around $ 500.

Question about custody and child support.?

Posted in Child Support on 29th November 2011

Question about custody and child support.?
My wife and I separated nearly a year ago. I was primary caretaker of the child. She did not pay any child support but did spend his child tax benefits on who knows what.

So we came down to a verbal agreement of shared physical and legal custody. Physical custody would be 4 days with her and 3 days with me.

Now in this case, since I make more money than she does, I am obligated to pay child support but not as much as I would be paying if she had full custody. But CS is not an issue for me. It is issue for her.

She found out that if circumstances change, is she happens to make more money than I do, then she has to pay me some CS.

Now she wants to fight for full custody because of child support only. I would be paying $ 250 if she had full custody, and I would be paying $ 150 if it was shared.

Because of those extra $ 100 per months, she wants to fight. Fine.

I know there are many women out there who ask and get full custody ONLY because of child support, but I was told by a lawyer that our court got a note from some superior court “to watch for that”.

So in our case, the best interest of the child is shared custody 3&4 days but because of CS.

My question would be, if I had her recorded (which is legal here to record) saying “She doesn’t agree to shared custody because of child support” could I use that in court as evidence?

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Answer by God answers all questions
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Tips To Buy A Perfect Ba Gift

Posted in Babysitting on 28th November 2011

Tips To Buy A Perfect Ba Gift

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