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Kids Love Babysitting Games

Posted in Babysitting on 30th September 2011

Kids Love Babysitting Games

Children hate it when their parents leave them at home with the babysitter. Depending on their age, they might feel insecure without their mom at arms reach or they are upset that they are leaving left behind. As the babysitter, your job is to distract them from the fact that their parents are not home and establish that you are currently in charge. They will have a fantastic time, however, if you have some fun babysitting games planned. If you manage to entertain them for the few hours that the parents are out, they might even forget they were ever upset. You have suddenly became their (and the parents’) most favorite person!

Before you bring over messy paints or different types of sports games, you need to talk with the parents to understand their house rules. They might have a no running in the house decree or, if they have an unfenced pool in the backyard, they might not allow any outdoor games while they are gone. As long as you tell them the activities and games you have planned and they sign off on them, you should be good to go!


Here are some great baby sitting ideas that will make the kids laugh and wear them out so they are ready for bedtime!

1) Build a fort! If you have some spare cardboard boxes, a few blankets, and pillows, then bring them over. Hopefully they have a kid-friendly living room or play room in which you and the kids can build a truly fantastic fort. Once it is built, you can pull out the construction paper and string and start making decorations you can hang from the ceiling of this new makeshift structure. It will keep them entertained for hours!

2) Make some play-dough! The process is incredibly simple and everyone loves playing with gooey, sticky stuff. Create fun shapes, bake them, and then paint with watercolors.

3) After you wear the kids out a little, you can all sit down to watch a movie or you can read one of your favorite childhood stories to them. If they are learning how to read themselves, you might want to have them read to you! The parents will love this activity and the kids will be eager to show off their skills.

Enjoy your time babysitting and if you have fun, hopefully the kids will as well. You will soon be the most popular babysitter in the neighborhood when you show up with these great babysitting games!

Is there a first aid for hypertension?

Posted in Babysitting on 29th September 2011

Is there a first aid for hypertension?
My boyfriend and I need to know because we are going to “babysit” our friend because of hypertension. How do we know if his blood pressure is going up without the use of a sphygmomanometer? What do we have to do to help him lower his blood pressure fast?

Best answer(s):

Answer by avsubbarao
In case of a Hypertensive Emergency, (when the BP shoots up >200mm), you can try sublingual Nifedipine (marketed as ADALAT). One capsule has to be chewed and the fluid kept in the mouth. The drug acts by absorption through the buccal mucosa bypassing the portal circulation. Hence the effects are immediate.

Answer by Duhe Gus
Hypertension precautions include the following
(1) reasonable prandial,
(2)Moderate exercise;
(3) smoking limit alcohol,
(4) psychological balance,
(5) self management,

Answer by persh
There is this medicine for hypertension that is OTC (over the counter) it’s generic name is Metoprolol Tartrate. Technically it’s a muscle relaxant. and basically, heart is a muscle so this med helps with high BP and is given by doctors to prevent hypertension. =)

Child Support help

Posted in Child Support on 29th September 2011

Child Support help

Many women who are in your situation I do not know what to do, but I do not know if it’s still ok to interfere in any way. I’m here to tell you that when it is unlikely that the decision in his case, it is important that you can take an active interest in the case of your husband. Although you can not legally do anything to help your friend, you can be active only when you feel insecure and fearful. When he does not know, you can have a dramatic positive effect only in support of him and that he receives all the information is unsuccessful, and also make sure that he will not give up when you feel hopeless.
You see, Father’s Rights help and not just fathers – have rights, too. If the father in his life has restricted access to his children, so do you. If you pay through the nose for Child Support help, even though his income has decreased, which affects you. His sense of helplessness and stress directly affects the quality of life as a couple. Now is the time to resume a part of the power of his “X” was taken away from him and you. Perhaps it is also facing accusations false. Many of the “X” is to exaggerate or even lie to get more maintenance or limit the custody of the child, as a power play. Courts welcome the move towards the “X” and “X”, know this and exploit it.
We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men, including women, are created equal, and equipped with the nature of the Creator with inalienable rights including life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.
Men constitute the Government to secure these rights for all citizens. And the government receives its power only to regulate the consent – and must always be responsible for them.
A father is dead beat father who deliberately ignores the financial obligation to their children. A parent may be the mother or the father died and the court has two parents equally responsible for the financial welfare of your child. There are billions of dollars in child support arrears owed to the custodial parent each year. One study indicates that the state of California has more than 14 billion dollars in child support payments due and unpaid, in 2000, the state of Tennessee revoked the driver’s license more than 1300 parents who had a thirteen million to support children who suffer collectively.
Failure to pay child support is for many reasons, some good – such as loss of income and disability, and some is not valid – for example, “I do not want.” However, a significant parent Dead Beat does not happen overnight, it was a deliberate failure for your child. When a parent has been dropped, which are foods course, they are “wind,” working off the books, and it is difficult to detect. If you are a guardian, who is not a maintenance cost, and one of the parents in respect of thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars, there are some things you can do to support the local prosecutor’s office to collect child support.
Guardianship is when a court determines

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