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Only answer this question if you are into celebs. But anyhow, could this be a race thing?

Posted in Child Care on 31st August 2011

Only answer this question if you are into celebs. But anyhow, could this be a race thing?
I don’t want to hear any “Why do you care” type answers, it’s just a simple question. But anyhow, lately I have been noticing a lot of people (especially online) saying actress Halle Berry is unladylike and a bad person for having a child out of wedlock. Strangely enough, I don’t recall hearing those things about Angelina Jolie or any other white actress for that matter. Why? Why all the negativity towards Ms. Berry?

Best answer(s):

Answer by G.V.
I haven’t noticed any more negativity towards her than any other actress, black or white, who have had kids out of wedlock.

Answer by JC
Just respect others decision, everybody has the rights to express their own opinions, if they want to shut up on Angelina Jolie’s case so be it, and if negativity comes for Ms Berry so be it again. Everything happens for a reason, you just dont know, it might be negative for Ms Berry but for some people it might be a good opening for something good to happen for them. We just dont know what it is

Answer by gowpet
I love Hallie and am so happy for her. She was married and she said that she would never marry again (she got burned), but so much wanted to have children.
I know what your saying to. Look at Nicloe Ritchie, and Branjolina.

Babysitting – a guide for sitters

Posted in Babysitting on 30th August 2011

Babysitting – a guide for sitters

Babysitting while a parent goes out for a few hours can be a good way for young people to earn some extra income. While it can be fun, rewarding and an invaluable experience, it also demands a sensible, flexible and mature outlook, as you will be responsible for the child’s safety and wellbeing. This factsheet answers some of the more common questions about babysitting and offers some tips to help you make a good job of it.

What information should I get from the parents?

It is always best to arrange to meet the children you will be looking after well before the first time you babysit. On the night, try and arrive 10 or 15 minutes before the parents are due to leave. This will give you plenty of time to run through what’s expected, such as the bedtime routine and bathing etc. Before the parents leave, make sure that you have agreed what time they expect to return home and how you will then get home. You will also need to know the following contact information:

Their mobile phone number, if they have one.
The address and telephone number of the people or place they are visiting.
The telephone number and address of a relative or friend nearby who would be prepared to help in an emergency.
The telephone number of the child’s doctor and the local hospital.
If they have tickets for a play, concert or show, ask them for the row and seat number. In the event of an emergency, this would help you to contact
Other useful question to ask parents
Does the child have any favourite toys or special songs, rhymes and bedtime rituals that will help put them at ease?
How long can their child watch TV and play computer or video games?
Can they have snacks and drinks and do they have any allergies?
When parents are out, don’t forget to …
Lock all the doors.
Keep a close eye on the child at all times.
Keep children away from any dangerous objects and household chemicals, such as bleach.
After the child is asleep, check on them regularly. Make sure you stay awake and alert until the parents return.
Keeping a child occupied and safe

Infants: An infant under a year likes to throw, hold, drop, tear, grab and roll. Rattles and bright toys that have different textures and sounds are often good sources of entertainment. So are children’s songs and music.

Infants may try and put everything in their mouths, so watch for small objects. If you are asked to bath a small child, remember they are vulnerable in even a few inches of water and can drown easily. Also, don’t take your eyes off them if they have to be placed on any raised surface – a bed or high chair, even for a second, as they may roll, or fall.

How much should I charge for babysitting?

The amount that you charge for babysitting will depend on several factors including your age and experience,

Babysitting In Columbus Ohio – Why Waste Time? Find OH Sitters!

Posted in Babysitting on 30th August 2011

Babysitting In Columbus Ohio – Why Waste Time? Find OH Sitters!

Looking for a quick and easy way to find babysitting in Columbus Ohio? Every parent yearns once in a while for an alternative to the tiring day-to-day job of children’s caretaker. If you are without close friends or relatives who don’t object to helping you out, then retaining a reliable babysitter can be a great help. At the top of the list of practical procedures for finding a reliable care-giver is to use an online babysitter agency. Keep on reading and i’ll show you how simple it is to find a child care provider by using what the internet has to offer.

If you want to find a reliable person to care for your children, the person you choose will likely have to meet a number of prerequisites – maturity and level of experience, transportation requirements, how much it will cost, their education and skill level, and more. There are plenty of babysitters who appear to meet your needs, the question is – how and where to find the right one for you? The most efficient way to locate babysitting in Columbus Ohio is to rely on cross-country babysitting databases on the internet that have the expertise to find appropriate matches between potential caregivers and employers who live close enough to be convenient.

These are actually web-based baby sitting agencies which will allow you to precisely and carefully specify an outline of the person you are looking for and with no effort on your part supply you with a custom-built list of candidates. There is a sitter locator tool that can go through and evaluate each babysitter profile and to apply it to the needs of a specific family. You will be able to find babysitting professionals, full time or part time, university students or older, who already live in your general area.

Advanced and professional agencies will facilitate your connection with possible childcare providers via a built-in instant mail function. This facilitates the process of getting in contact with possible sitters and allows you to make the first move in interviewing the candidates. Internet babysitter matching sites can also provide help with a myriad of concerns on the subject of hiring a baby sitter, such as the essential background investigation and then the interview. Acquiring babysitting in Columbus Ohio can be performed by using a free babysitter finder which is usually available on each online baby sitting service, however, getting in touch with potential employees requires a registration fee. When one considers the effectiveness of these childcare provider placement tools, they look like the answer for a quick and cost-effective solution. If you want to go out on the town to a restaurant or to the movies and you don’t know anyone who can babysit, then let us take care of things for you. With our help, you’re just moments away from meeting a trustworthy sitter for your kids!

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