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Peyia Playschool – preschool child care in Paphos Cyprus

Posted in Child Care on 31st March 2011

Peyia Playschool – preschool child care in Paphos Cyprus

Peyia Playschool is a children’s nursery or kindergarten providing preschool child care in the Paphos region of Cyprus.

Peyia Playschool has a homely atmosphere offering a warm, fun loving, happy and stimulating environment, providing preschool child care to children and babies in the Paphos region of Cyprus.

With our children’s nursery staff you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your child is receiving the very best of care. The nursery has been designed to create the best possible pre-school learning environment including a large, enclosed garden area and well equipped age appropriate areas.

At Peyia Playschool we understand the need for learning through play for children of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to encourage and support your child to enable them to reach their full potential. Meeting their needs from a very young age will greatly promote understanding and enjoyment of learning throughout the years to come.

At the day care centre we recognize that all children do not progress at the same pace; they are never pushed, but individually encouraged and supported. We provide stimulating resources and equipment to help reinforce learning.

We understand the need for children to be treated as individuals, learning and developing at their own pace. All children have specific needs according to their age and ability.

The six main areas of learning and development at Peyia Playschool are:

Personal social and emotional development.

Communication, language and literac

Problem solving , reasoning and numeracy

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Physical development

Creative development

All Peyia Playschool’s day care activities are based on fun and designed to encourage children’s all round development. A wide variety of exciting and fun activities and resources are provided to ensure children remain stimulated and engaged. These activities are carried out on a 1- 1 or group situation where children’s individual needs and stage of development can be monitored.

We focus on learning through play and our aim is to ensure your child is prepared for school.

For more information visit www.peyiaplayschool.com

Texas Scholarships to Working Mothers – A Reality

Posted in Working Mothers on 30th March 2011

Texas Scholarships to Working Mothers – A Reality

Working mothers are the best multi-taskers. They juggle their family and work responsibilities with a great sense of efficiency and competence. However, the business world doesn’t view this in the same manner and pushes them at each level to display real professional growth to become successful and practical. Without proper education and degrees, it becomes almost impossible for them to climb up that career ladder which we so often dream about.

Hence, the evolution of the Texas scholarships to working mothers is becoming a boon to solve this problem.

Do you know that only 20% of working moms have a college degree? Well, we can ponder for a minute on the rest of the women who are struggling to earn a decent pay. There is an urgent need for working mothers to complete their education and become as competent as their educated peers. It is known for a fact that moms without degrees earn comparatively much lesser than their colleagues with proper education. A degree in this era, means a considerable increment in your pay which naturally points out to a better standard of living and to provide the best for your children.

Recently, an organization in North Texas has taken the above need as a dire necessity and is trying to reach out to these working mothers who need to get proper education. They are handing out cash to these working mothers, as huge as tens of thousands of dollars, so that they can acquire degrees. An example of this humane act has been spoken by Heather Hererra who spent the past 13 years of her life raising her kids in Mesquite. She worked with their family business, but always thought of going places but knew without a degree, she wouldn’t get anywhere.

She knew at her age it is hard to get the required scholarships and then she found eLearners which greatly helps working mothers who want to return to school and finish their education. The Content Director of the organization, Helen Macdermott says that the money for these scholarships are provided by schools and colleges. The applicants are free to follow their heart and choose from an Associate’s Degree to a Doctorate, as per their ambition. The initial procedure involves the applicants to write an essay conferring about their personal and professional goals and how acquiring an online degree would help them achieve it.

It takes a while to screen through the application and to come to the result.

Herrera got the good news from them after a couple of months, but she was flabbergasted to find out that she has been granted a ,000 four-year scholarship to Virginia College online.

Earning a degree no longer sounds impossible with the various organizations handing out scholarships for working mothers. The problem of time availability is also solved by online classes, as a result the Texas scholarships for working mothers is becoming their best friend, realizing their dream to achieve

All About Obama Back To School Scholarships For Single Working Mothers

Posted in Working Mothers on 30th March 2011

All About Obama Back To School Scholarships For Single Working Mothers

Before you read further, I would like to mention that these views are just my personal thoughts after doing some research on the Obama back to school funding for single mothers. I don’t intend to hurt anybody’s feelings with my comments. The problem here is many of you are confused about this grant and have many doubts on what exactly this grant does and what is means to you.

Well, if you are one among those who have lot of doubts on this grant, then you have come to the right place. Now, this is a very good initiative by our President to make sure that single mothers are able to raise their kids and family with a steady job. Where does that job come from? The job comes when you or single mothers get yourself with a good degree.

There are people who claim that the president has just increased the grants for single moms to make sure they complete their education. It may be true and I agree with you all. But, considering that fact that he has increased the grant to a whopping ,000 for single moms is something that needs to be appreciated. Being a mother is a very sacrificial thing, in almost everything mothers have to be the sacrificial lamb.

They don’t get their proper due. Being a single mom itself is a very stressful thing and it can add to your woes when you don’t have a job. What better way to get a job by doing a good degree? Getting this grant is quite simple, all you need to do is just apply for it and you are done. You don’t have to go around troubling someone for this grant.  It can’t be simpler than that.

You will be happy to also note that the president has also increased the Pell Grant to 00, which means students finishing their high school can avail this grant and complete their education. If you are a single mother, then trust me you don’t want to miss out on this grant. You can change your life with this grant.

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