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Posted in Toddlers on 9th November 2013

16 months hitting, pinching and biting?
My daughter as a baby people would describe as a “perfect” baby. Never cried, not whining, was satisfied, where to place them (like a playpen or walker), never had separation anxiety. Then she turned 13 Monate.Beißen in school recently, as it has its transition to the “transitional toddler” room, in the past week it something every day. Last month, she has to bite a lot to say some of his frustration or stress, but they will play well off comes and hugs her, then she bites. There are times when it is out of Wut.Shes beat it for 13 months, particularly people in their family, not really in school war.Wenn you wear glasses, they grab it from the Gesicht.Auch presses it but like hitting and biting, it is not always Wut.Wenn you do not say, she screams and shakes til her face is rot.Zwicken, biting and hitting is not always done out of anger. 50% of the time, it is only because, and 50% of the time, it’s because you do not say. But with the glasses it is, as long as they have your trägt.Ich a child teacher and now I have room to work in an older child, but I have everything tried with my daughter. If it something she knows she is not allowed to do, it deals with the time out does, I strictly tell her, “No”, “Not OK” “Beautiful Hands”, nothing works. I knocked (NO HIT) mouth and hands or butt when I’m frustrated about, because it knows no different geht.Ich, it is a stage, but what can I do, because it’s not all out of anger and frustration most. She just thinks it’s okay Best Answer (s):.

Reply JohnnyK
All children go through this phase to behaupten.Sie needs proper discipline, and it must be consistent. . When she learns that the behavior will not be accepted things change

Reply by robert Christerson do
what my parents did – a little more business – things are now much diffrent days then us older people, when we were young – I do not care what anyone else says – Results of measures that come out – real I disapline know I did not spell that out right – but niether the government is doing anyway – depends on short penalties that the child will remember – when we went to school – we have it at school and at home – and even grounded to the belt or paddle – children remember these things much more then the things that is so stupid now adays – and according to the Bible – it’s no wonder kids are as they are – so I would say a little more solid – I know from experiance that this will work – unless there is some psychological problems unfortold – robert

answer by Lena Dawson
you need to be patient and stern, now thinks it is a funny game, you have to teach her it is not. The biting could be caused by teething, give her a few cold teething toys to help with the pain, then they might not want so much to bite. When she bites or nips or, say quickly, “No, do not bite / hit, it hurts and it’s not beautiful you” hits, then give her a swat on the hand, not the face, put her down and walk away, ignore them for a little while, even if they scream and throw a tantrum begins simply ignore them. Show her that if she bites and beats, it makes you hurt and angry, and people do not want to play with her when she hurts them. If shes playing nice to encourage them and praise them, saying: “Look what a good girl of your being, it is so much fun to play with you if your nice.” You need to just stay consistent and they’ll get over it.

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