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Posted in Babysitting on 13th May 2014

12 years old and overweight !?
Well, I’m 125 pounds and about exactly five feet, and I know that’s a bit much. I have been exercising and eating better for about the past week, and I just have suddenly lost all motivation. I have been researching and researching, but everything is just too confusing ! I am also a mesomorph if that helps. I have already tried the healthy way and am not seeing results. Also keep in mind I go to school and have a life ! 😛 So.. well, just please answer this in any way you can, I need as much help as I can get !

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you are normal weight. don’t worry about your age.

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Even though you lost motivation, you shouldn’t consume too much junk food and snacks. Drink cold water, I heard it helps. And.. whenever you could stand, stand! Don’t always sit because it would burn less calories.

Answer by PinkyPeanut7
Maybe you’re not being exact enough (do you count calories)?

DON’T GIVE UP! BE HEALTHY AND DON’T GIVE THAT UP!!! please. But if you’re body just doesn’t want to lose weight and you’re doing your best, truly learn to love yourself.

Answer by Andrew C.
i bet ur sexy as hell

Answer by aprilone
You don’t seem to be terribly overweight but it is good that you want to be healthier. Take it easy on yourself! Aim for small changes that are doable and that you will stick with.

Eat fewer processed food and more natural food like veggies. If you could start by skipping one processed food snack but substituting a snack like a little nuts & dried fruit mix, then you could be on your way. Sneak in extra exercise by just moving more. You can include brief strength training by doing “wall sitting” and holding it for a couple of minutes and then hold a “plank” position for a couple of minutes. Use good form and hold the position as long as you can.

Good luck with your efforts, make it fun, and take “baby steps” to get healthier.

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