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Posted in Babysitting on 14th May 2014

11 month old baby not sitting?
My son is 11 months old and has been crawling since he was 6 months old and also pulling up to stand since he was 6 months old. However, we noticed he NEVER sits. If we put him on the floor in a sitting position to play, he drops to the crawling position, or rolls onto his back. The only time he “sits” is in his high chair and he can lean forward.

Is this strange for a baby never to sit up and just prefer being on hands and knees 100% of the time?
Note: This is our 5th child. All the others were sitting by 6-7 months and liked to be in that position while playing.
He can sit, he just chooses never to – unless I put him in that position. He will stay like that for maybe 30 seconds to a minute and then go back to hands and knees or back.

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Answer by Why so serious?
If he isn’t capable of sitting, you need to make an appointment with his pediatrician.

Answer by nucchick
Is he not capable of sitting of just preferred not to sit? If he cannot sit I would take him to the pediatrician.

Answer by *Aleiha’s Mom*
My daughter is also 11 months old, you should schedule an appointment. I do not think it anything which is concerning, since he can crawl and stand. But be safe and get it checked out.

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