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Posted in Child Care on 1st December 2010

10 Behavior Check List Must Do for Child Care Jobs

Watching children grow and learn can be fun. According to a study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, quality child care may have the biggest impact in the long-term development of any child. So, parents who use child care services should know what kind of to do to be good child care worker, as list below:

1. Childcare workers spend most of their day with children.

2. They make sure children are healthy and clean.

3. Meet with parents or guardians to talk about how their child is doing.

4. Childcare workers also write notes about what children do.

5. Can be hard because workers have to run, clean, play outside, and lift up children.

6. Look for problems children have and to tell their parents or guardians.

7. Childcare workers teach and care for children while their parents are away.

8. Childcare workers need to be energetic, fun, and patient.

9. Childcare workers plan daily activities before the children come.

10. Childcare workers also make snacks and nutritious meals.

Ensure that most of ten behaviors above you communicate to do to your child care worker.

However, if you didn’t do full due diligence or if your child care workers had no prior experience or references, and you have concerns, here are some warning signs of a ‘bad child care workers.’

Your normally happy baby becomes agitated and fearful when the child care workers arrives. Sometimes, this is just evidence that real bonding has not occurred or that the baby just really wants to spend more time with you or your spouse. Your baby has had too many accidents. Even if your child care workers is not abusing your child, signs of too many accidents means your child care workers is not staying on top of the situation to provide falls and injury, which is one or her most important jobs. You differ with your child care workers on ways to take care of the baby and your child care workers doesn’t follow through on your requests. Or worse, she is critical of your parenting style. You find that the baby is not clean or properly dressed. This is a sign that the child care workers is not up to the task of properly taking care of your child. Your child care workers is often late or has unpredictable absences. A child care workers you can’t depend on is in many ways worse than no child care workers at all. You discover her in a lie or she tells stories that don’t make sense. In this case, you must immediately fire your child care workers. You can not entrust your child to any person who lies, steals, or betrays your trust.

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