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Posted in Toddlers on 23rd December 2010

♥ Help! Help! Somebody phone the Wicked Witch of the West??
……. i NEED her to come help me, NOW.
Tell her i’ll pay for whatever gas she uses driving or flying across the country in her broom.
Tell her also, i said, [cue: pleading voice of a toddler: “Pretty Please? You are my lovely one and the very most bestest in the world and i want you here NOW. I always love you forever and i will never forget you in my heart so you have to so please come. *cries* Pleeeaaaaaaaassse come and help me right N..ow!! Please? I’m sc-Ared and i need you to come help me. I will give you my best cookie. From little miss sugarplum-kumquat. Thank you.”

PS: tell her also i am NOT bi-polar, i just have mad issues. thank you.

If she is too busy at the Castle doing Wicked Witch type things, i will only accept one of three possible replacements; OR she can send one of her flying monkies to pick me up and bring me to her. Thanks so much.

Poll: On a scale of 1-10 … how dumb is this question?

*cries* she lefted me for greener pastures in a land far-far away. And i miss her. And my mommy is busy so…..

did you tell her i said “please?” 😀 ♥
*edit* Vixen: hold on, let me get a look at you …. *squints* i can’t see you very well honey, i don’t think you’re MY W. Witch West…. but you’re close ….. *thinks* i’ll need to see you IP and hear you say “Hello my little kumkuat” to be 100% certain. LOL.
BTW i don’t give out my # either, no worries. thanks for being a good sport about this Q. Thumbs-up! xD ♥
*edit* …… *thinks* …. maybe it’s the hair? LOL…
*edit* Quick …. laugh for me! (i’d know her laugh ANYWHERE) ….. even in a room full of a thousand people i’d know it! now, cackle! come on you!! be a friend and getcher giggle on!

Best answer(s):

Answer by Vixen
I’m not giving out my phone number.

Answer by Train Wreck
Well my pretty, I am here. What is it that you disturb me for?

Answer by Meg
she IS at the castle doing wicked witch type things and she asked me to fill in for her. apparently she & my ex think i have no trouble filling her shoes. so my pretty, what can i help you with?

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